You don’t know what to do with your life?

Clearly, that sucks. You need to figure out something, otherwise, you’ll have a depression if you don’t have one now.


We are surrounded by chaos and that is how the world is, full of entropy. If too many things are beyond your control you will be mad due to the anxiety. You will be surrounded by darkness and get lost. Having in mind this, one must find his Polaris (the north star used by sailors to navigate in ancient times).

As you may already know, or not, I am a marketing student and one of the most important things I learned is how crucial perception is. You don’t realize it but you are pretty blind, only one small part of your vision is clear, the peripheral sight is blurred. One can perceive very little of the entire image and it is only that part he or she is focused on. Therefore, in our daily lives, we already see only what we want to envision because that is how our brains work. Once you have an objective, once you make a plan and focus on it, your whole world will change because now you have a clear spot to look at and things start to clear up.

Furthermore, man is the only animal that knows the future exists and we bargain with it. We give up something know in order to have something else, better tomorrow. We are not just spacial beings as our inhabitant neighbours of the World but we are temporal ones. You already know your past (or at least some of it) but you need to know the future (important points of it, you are not the Delphi oracle after all) in order to be complete as an entity. Your now is defined by this 2 coordinates. In life you must know only 2 things: where are you now and where you want to be.

He who has a why to live can bear almost any how — Nietzsche


Because humans love numbers and instructions, I’ll give you a list of steps with some personal examples in order to make a map that will help you navigate the future.

1. Define your 3 core values/principles that you identify with. Explain what they mean, how you manifest them in your life and how you defend them if they are threatened. These are like your compass for the journey, they will help you not to get lost.
Ex. for me these are: authenticity, equilibrium and to never harm on purpose.

2. Find what you are passioned about. What is that thing that would make you wake up at 5 in the morning with a smile on your face? What is that thing that even if it requires tremendous effort you will do gladly? If you do what you are passioned about, finding motivation will be no problem. If you do something just for the sake of money your life will sooner or later become a torture. How you manifest or may manifest your passions in your daily life?
Ex. I am passioned about learning. I am very curious and I read daily. Based on what I read I may write a blog post about or use it in my projects. I also love teaching and helping others so I am a trainer at a debate club.

3. Where do you see yourself in 3–5 years? Where you want to be? Why? What are the milestones on your journey? What are the obstacles you may encounter and how you will overcome them? What daily habits do you need in order to get there? Your life is made of those small decisions you make daily not those grandiose unique things you do once or twice in your life. Also in order to succeed you need patience and perseverance to stick with what you decided an assume responsibility for it.
Ex. in 5 years from now I would like to write a book, not necessarily to publish it.Since I was little I was fond of writing one. I had and still have a vivid imagination. Recently I found out that archetypes and narrative instruments fascinate me and I’m writing my bachelor thesis on how they can be implemented in marketing. I am a perfectionist so when I found out that my words on paper didn’t match my thoughts I was paralyzed and sad. I already read daily so I decided I should also write daily. Recently I started to publish what I write (this blog).

4.Where are you now? What do you do now? Be honest. You figure it out where you want to get but now, we have to find your location on the map so we can figure it out where to start from. What routines can you adjust slightly in order to reach your goals?

5. Periodical feedback. From time to time try to answer this questions. What am I doing to reach my goals? What can I do from now? If I don’t see any results why is that? Are my goals still reflecting my vision? etc

This is a long journey, you must be patient and repeat obsessively in your head “baby steps”.



It may be the easiest time in your life to do it, later it will not necessarily be impossible but clearly harder. I studied marketing for the last 3 years. I like it and I am one of the best students in my University. Still, since my second year, I realized this was not my true calling. I am passioned about human behaviour and I want to help those in need so I decided I want to be a psychologist. My parents are in shock, again, after 3 years. My dad wanted me to become a lawyer and my mom a doctor but I always followed my heart. I don’t regret studying marketing, I learned a lot and it truly changed my perspective of the world and now I can have a good job after graduation. I decided, as always, to follow my calling and it is easier when I have a plan for it.

go out there and be fabulous

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