You don’t know what to do with your life?

Clearly, that sucks. You need to figure out something, otherwise, you’ll have a depression if you don’t have one now.


You need to aim at something otherwise your life would be chaotic and meaningless. To exist means to suffer, and I am not saying it metaphorically, it is for real. If you don’t believe me, step on a lego piece and everything will make sense. You need to find something that will make it worth living a miserable life full of suffering.


Hopefully, in spite of my twisted way of explaining things you understand why is important to know what to do with your future.


If you can’t decide on what you want to do, write a list of 25 things you would like to work on in your foreseeable future. Select the 5 most important out of the list. Now, concentrate on completing these and avoid at almost any cost the rest. While cutting finished points out of the little list you may add new objectives to the limit of 5. These exercises help you to stay focus.


If you are like me in your final year of your Bachelor’s degree and want to pursue a different path from the one you are now, do it!

go out there and be fabulous

Writer with the soul of a poet. I'm trying not to take myself too serious. Deeply grateful that I can share my thoughts & emotions with you.

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