My dear friend Andreea, asked me this question recently. I thought I would like to share my vision with you and see what you make out of it.

There are no “bad people”, men that want to do bad for the sake of bad, unless they have a serious mental illness and are not fully aware of their doing. However, nobody does it due to malevolence itself but as a means to an end. Usually, that end is the cheese of pain. Many hurt others because they have been hurt and don’t know how to respond in a different way than visceral. Human beings have this thirst for meaning, for sens, so if someone does you wrong even if for you it has no sense, for that person has. It does not have to be logical but, know that for him or her in some kind of a twisted way it has sense.

For example: before entering into a new relationship, one may have not fully recovered from the previous and may have some unhealed wounds. Unintentionally, the other partner may do something that remembers him/her of a bad moment from the past. That may cause pain and an overreaction sometimes even violence of some sort. Is he/she a bad person? Or a wounded one?

I think bad people are actually weak people. We all experience pain and tragedy in our life, and still, some find the strength to smile in the darkest of the nights. It takes courage and power to be good, to love. It takes bravery to look into one’s heart recognise the wound, embrace the pain and bandage it. People don’t do that because they fear pain, but pain and suffering are inevitable- a condition of being alive. Consequently, they should not be despised but embraced.

What should you do when someone does you wrong? It is a lesson you have to practice: learning forgiveness, expressing love and because we are sometimes rational beings if possible try to avoid that individual until you think he or she is healed- which in some unfortunate cases might never happen. It is their duty to heal themselves not ours.

In conclusion. Why are there bad people? There are not. There are wounded people that didn’t heal or humans with real mental problems.

Warm hugs,

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