If the final purpose of life is to be happy than one must define happiness.
You can see happiness as the absence of pain, or try to define it through a synonym. For me …


But now things become even trickier…

There are many types of love but only one right way of loving

What do I mean by that? The greeks define 7 types of love:
eros (love of the body, sexual desire)
philia (love of the mind, brotherly love like the one you have for your friends)
ludus (playful love, childlike love)
pragma (long-lasting love like the one old couples display)
agape (selfless love, love for humanity)
philautia (love for the self)
storge (love the parents feel for their children)

Of course, there are many other types of love and reducing this amazing experience into categories would mean diminishing its abundance.

However, there is only one way of loving and that is with the heart. Most people don’t do it, they love with their mind. When I say: “love” they would probably think of Hollywood romantic movies, but that is not true love that is something artificial.

Love cannot be transformed into hate or jealousy.

Love is not about math: I give him more, she didn’t put enough into our relationship etc.

Love is not something you trade. I give you love but I expect something in return.

True love is about giving without receiving. Is about offering because that is how you feel, no obligations attached. Love is about looking at someone seeing all his or her imperfections and telling yourself: “you are imperfect but perfect as you are for me”.

Love is not only a feeling but a way of living. It’s about embracing the moment and enjoying it despite not being as you wish.

Love is about presence and acceptance, about the enjoyment of now. I wish more people would love with their hearts, not their minds.

Warm hugs,

If you are in a “romantic” mood, check out this article about the Love-Fear Mindset

Writer with the soul of a poet. I'm trying not to take myself too serious. Deeply grateful that I can share my thoughts & emotions with you.

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