There are 2 ways to change one’s life.
1. Inside-out. It means changing our thoughts and by consequence our actions and thus our external environment. In order to do that we have to be conscious of our being, to get in touch with our feelings, sometimes open up old wounds and having enough courage to face some difficult problems. It hard and painful but definitely worth it

2. Outside-In. We are shaped by our environments, even if we do not realize it. If we are surrounded by toxic people sooner or lager that will poison our souls. Even if routine is safe it numbs our sense of who we are so some spices from time to time are meaningful. Sometimes if we cannot change from inside, we can try to create outside structures that may help us transform, or force us to do so. Travelling can be such an instrument.

This article is full of insight but I personally enjoyed the illustration the most.
Warm hugs.



Writer with the soul of a poet. I'm trying not to take myself too serious. Deeply grateful that I can share my thoughts & emotions with you.

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