Alexandra Ciausescu

Oct 28, 2018

3 min read

The power within a name

There is magic in words.

A few days ago I was taking Yuri to the dog playground and there was a very energic dog, I guess it was a puppy and she wanted to play. The problem? Yuri is no more than 5 kg if you take into consideration the fur, and she was 50 kg. Her owner was talking on the phone and didn’t pay attention to her. So I start playing with Yuri, running around catching stones (yeah, you read that right). And she started running after Yuri, biting his tail jumping over him, so he got stressed and came to me (that is what he does when he is afraid) and started barking. She took it as a play invitation and started to run around even more. I tried to calm her down, tell her to sit, etc. but it didn’t work. Until…I saw her name on the medallion on her neck- Maya. When I called her by the name she was bewitched. Only when I knew her name she listened to me. Rest of the story: I ended up playing with Maya and Yuri for an hour.

And Adam gave names to all cattle, and to the fowl of the air, and to every beast of the field (Genesis 2:20)

That was the moment I realized how important words are. To humans, they give form to consciousness and identity (I am not any human, I am Alexandra). They help us interact with each other (we speak the same language). But most of all we shape reality through our words.

Once we name something we bring it into existence.

The gods are inside and outside of us(archetypes) and do their work with or without our attention. It is essential to recognize them, to identify them- give them names, to acknowledge their gifts and their shadow.

There are 12 fundamental archetypes (the number is infinite, let’s stick with 12 for the moment): The Innocent, The Orphan, The Warrior, The Caregiver, The Explorer, The Lover, The Destroyer, The Creator, The Ruler, The Magician, The Sage and The Fool. We can observe their manifestation in culture, arts and in ourselves. We all have these fundamental forms inside us, some are active and some are dormant. Thus when I acknowledge the existence of the Caregiver (I identify it with a name), is not like it didn’t exist before but now I am conscious of it. For example, I may like to help other grow and provide nurture for them, but unless I don’t realize these pattern of behaviour inside me, there might be times when I would overdoing it and forget my basic needs and offer myself fully to others- this is the shadow of the archetype.

Sometimes others see these patterns inside us and they name it but we fail to understand us. When someone tells us we are bossy or control freaks it might mean that The Ruler has taken over the psyche.

All in all, words shape reality and when we name something we bring it into existence, into our conscious world.

Warm hugs,

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Writer with the soul of a poet. I'm trying not to take myself too serious. Deeply grateful that I can share my thoughts & emotions with you.

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