One of the theories my thesis is based on is called the Monomyth and was developed by Joseph Campbell. Basically, he says that all myths and stories have the same main theme and universal structure. He states that all tales are about becoming an adult (to sum up, assuming responsibility and being selfless).

When Adam and Eve were banished from Paradise and enter history they become matures. They fall from childhood into adulthood. That is universally seen as both a tragedy and a matter of course. Your life is like a story, and sooner or later you will be exiled too.

Sociologists and psychologists say it will be later. Compared to previous generations, ours, or better-said mine, has fewer maturity steps. What do I mean by that? Events that initiate you in the adulthood. For example: enroll in the army (you go there a boy and come back a man, that is what they were saying, which was kind of true), you get married ( that is optional these days, and for some is more like a formality), you have a child (some would rather not, I am one of them, practical matters) etc. The point is that the stages that made you a man, or a woman became optional and no other rituals for adulthood were invented.

You can be forever a child and be like a Peter Pan, a hero in Neverland (and pay attention to this name). Yes, you can stay in paradise and have no responsibility but that will be tragic for you and your family. We as a species don’t like big children. Remeber that time you acted foolishly, now when you think about it don’t you feel like hiding deep in the ground?

You need to become an adult. I have to become an adult.

I’m in my last year of my Bachelor’s degree. Which means adulthood will hit me in the face in few months. I am partially excited and terrified. I am happy because I think that once I will obtain my diploma I will have all that I need to build the life I desire, which is not driven by hedonist principles. I know I will have to work my ass off, but in a sadomasochistic way, I love it. It gives me meaning. On the other hand, I am afraid I will lose my touch of divinity, I am afraid that due to the routine or ”lack of time” (if you want you can make time), I won’t read enough, I won’t evolve enough. I am afraid I will lose myself or become deaf to my essence. I am terrified of it because 98% of adults I am interacting with did this sacrilege, to lose contact with oneself.

Fall of man

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