Alexandra Ciausescu

Feb 12, 2019

3 min read

The 4 Fears that drive our lives

All humans have 4 common fears:


We are all going to die. It’s not even a secret, we know that since we are born. That is how things work in this lovely Universe, we are born to die and die in order to be rebored. For some kind of obscure reason ( not really, humans tend to have a very short memory), we forget that. As a consequence, we behave as we are immortals and do a lot of foolish things- excessive drinking, smoking, eating all the ice cream (guilty) or having sex with strangers. We became deaf to the cycles of nature along with the fact that we forgot to die with grace. When the instant cames instead of letting go we cling to life. Don’t feel ashamed we all have this tension inside us, on the other hand, the consciouses of death and on the other hand the burning desire to live.


What does it mean to be free? Doing everything you want? It could be that but I think the subject has more to offer than this. Some would say they do not fear to be free or that they are already free. That can be true to some extent. However, freedom truly means the absence of any external structure. Can one really live without some control or guidelines that is if not support at least protect us? In truth, we fear freedom because it means we would be alone facing the chaos, the danger.


We enter and exist in life alone. I would argue that we live in this state our whole existence because as much as we would try there will always be a gap between me and you (even if the distinction is only in my mind). Being aware of this is painful, one of our deepest desire is to connect and be part of the whole.


Humans are never satisfied with just being. They create stories about who they are and what is their purpose. We are meaning creating creatures. Unfortunately, we live in a Universe that has no meaning.

Warm hugs,

Let me know if you experience one or all of the fears I mentioned above.

Writer with the soul of a poet. I'm trying not to take myself too serious. Deeply grateful that I can share my thoughts & emotions with you.

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