Alexandra Ciausescu

Feb 8, 2018

2 min read

Stories, human’s most powerful tool

I truly believe that human’s success in the natural world is due to our capacity of telling stories and believing in them. We are not by far the most powerful animals or the smartest (we do stupid things on a daily basis), but we, one species of apes, managed to conquer the world, build empires, and even compare ourselves to the gods only due to our ability to imagine things that are nor real and believe in them to the point of making oneself suffer beyond common sense (spirits, companies, money or states are just a few examples). I find this to be truly fascinating and frightening, our fantasies make us both creators and destroyers. I don’t intend this to be a rigorous article, more like a morning coffee talk, therefore please bear up with me. Researchers proved that we think through stories, sociology and psychology proved that we organise our societies based on the narratives we tell (see that men, he is the son of God, he is better than us, we should obey him otherwise the divine rage shall destroy us) and last but not least history proved that we can shape outer reality by those legends, through force (building pyramids) or writing (bureaucracy, the Bible). Myths make us cooperate because those who share the same tales share the same values and the same view of the world and of the rules humans shall obey in the community.

Moreover, if as perceived as in the Christian doctrine, God is the truth, and Lucifer (the brightest of angels) believed he was better but in the end, he has driven away from Havens. Furthermore, it means he was the opposite the truth which is not necessarily the concept of lying. His sin? Pride. I think this is also the sin of humanity, we tend to live too much in our imaginary realms, into our heads where we are gods, where we control and understand the everything. And from a narrow-angle, we really do that, through our stories. But thinking is just a tool, and regarding men, not even a perfect one, so in the ends, we are all fools goofing around dressed as deities.

As a last thought on this matter, if you think about it, going to law school is like going to Hogwarts, lawyers are the modern wizards. They can create fictional entities (companies) that are treated as human beings by following the right rituals and incantations (paperwork most of it) and making sacrifices (by that I mean paying taxes). Also, they can control the world and others by knowing the right spells (the laws).

Hope it all made sense, therefore, be cautious about the stories you tell yourself and the ones you tell the world.

Writer with the soul of a poet. I'm trying not to take myself too serious. Deeply grateful that I can share my thoughts & emotions with you.

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