Qui n’avance pas, recule

Alexandra Ciausescu
2 min readApr 6, 2018


Humans are creatures of extremes.

One can lately observe a wave of feminity when it comes to men and some may argue this is good and some may say it is bad.

I might say it is the consequence of the authoritarian structures that dominated the last century. We saw what extreme yang may do to society: Communism, Nazism, wars, torture, suffering etc.

But all coins are 2 sided. Yes, manliness, masculinity, animus call it how you want can manifest in 2 archetypes: the tyrant and the illuminated ruler.

Culture is by default masculine. It symbolizes habitual order, it represents protection, structure, it means boundaries. We need rules to live by and as a consequence, the individual must restrict part of his identity for the sake of the community. But we are social animals and being part of something (a tribe) is as important for survival and mental sanity as food is.

So, how did humans answered the extreme yang? They come up with chaos, extreme feminine, they come up with moral relativism and nihilism. Fuck the rules, there is no such thing as authority, nothing is bad, everything is right, and … that is how you go insane. Your perception doesn’t distinguish between subject and object, you sense the outer world in terms of meaning. But now, having in mind all those said before, you have nothing, everything is entropy.

Men are not bad and they are not guilty of being the males of the species. It is regretful that these days men are inherent consider sinners because they abuse women. I don’t say women are not or never have been oppressed across the world, I myself come from a patriarchal culture but, what are men accused of: tyranny, abuses, aggressiveness is masculinity in excess, and are to blame not because are “men-like” but because are undesirable in a community and in social contexts, because are bad by default.

We need men to be men, and we need women to be more manly. What does that mean? We need humans with strong value systems, we need members of society that are willing to take responsibility, we need people to have faith in themselves and believe they are worthy.

We need both men and women to be more feminine. We need empathy in order to live side by side. We need something outside of our control otherwise life would be boring. We need art for our souls.

We need a balanced society. Having a culture dominated by females is as bad as one ruled by men. When in balance yin and yang makeup harmony but too much of one can lead either to anarchy or tyranny.

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