Alexandra Ciausescu

Aug 26, 2018

3 min read

One formula to rule them all

Scientists are working on the theory of everything. A formula that would encompass all others and explain the whole creation. Can that be possible? To explain God? Can we discover the name of God, and thus call us his equals?

I don’t know if such a theory can be produced, physics isn’t my strong point. But I believe in the stubbornness of humans, and I am sure they won’t give up without finding an answer. On the other hand, I think is foolish and dangerous to consider ourselves akin to gods. The human history was full of so-called demy-gods: Cezar, Alexander the Great, Napoleon, Hitler or Stalin. Yes, humans have a spark of divinity but saying that we are as God is false. I am made of millions of cells, but none of them alone is me.

I wondered yesterday if there would be a rule that governed all universe what would that be? One rule that contains all other rules… I meditate on this for a while and I think that the “Theory of everything” could be summarized as this: Thesis-Antithesis-Synthesis and then the Synthesis transforms in Thesis and the cycle repeats. All myths of creation are based on the same pattern, in the beginning, there was nothing (chaos) and there appeared an opposite force (order) -light, together they created something new which is the universe (synthesis). We see the same pattern in history as different political regimes changed or even in ourselves, remember those young-teenage years.

There can’t be light without darkness. The encounter of this opposing energies is so powerful that generates an everlasting cycle of change.

Let’s have a more practical approach than all this metaphysics. There are 2 types of couples. There are those composed of people that share the same type of energy, either very active or very passive- they get along amazingly well. On the other hand, there are those type of couples that make you wonder: “How did this 2 get together?”. When 2 very opposing natures get united they would either have a very turbulent relationship or they create some kind of synergy, an inner harmony. I love observing those kinds of relationships, they are like a dance.

Take your life for example. Let’s say you are having an amazing period, sooner or later something bad will happen (the antithesis), and after that nothing will be the same, it can’t go to the original phase, something new is born, the synthesis. And it will happen again. You have your own business- a coffee shop, there is an economic crash, you go bankrupt, things can’t go worse but one day you have this amazing idea and you launch an online travelling agency.

If there is one rule that governs the whole universe that is changing, and it manifests as follows: thesis-antithesis and synesis.

What do you think is that one rule that governs the Universe?

Warm hugs,

Writer with the soul of a poet. I'm trying not to take myself too serious. Deeply grateful that I can share my thoughts & emotions with you.

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