We are the architects of our own environment and yet it influences us more than the other way around. We are shaped, consciously or not by our surroundings. Usually (it might not be your case) if your room or house is untidy, you will not like to stay there. One must admit that humans love order: it is predictable, it is familiar, it is safe. One of man life purposes is to bring order into chaos, to bring meaning to nothingness. Consciously, you may not have a problem being surrounded by mountains of dirty t-shirts and boxes of pizza, but your unconscious mind is on alert because it is surrounded by chaos which usually means potential danger. Start making your bed in the morning, and as my mother obsessively told me since childhood, after you use something put it back the way it was. If your settings are in order, the same thing might happen to your thoughts.

Keep your house in order

My sister recently came back from Milan and she was shocked. We live in Bucharest which is a nice town from the perspective of an Eastern European Country, ex-member of the Communist Block with almost all the historical buildings demolished by the party in order to make blocks of apartments for the working class brought by force into the city from the countryside. Fun times…

She was shocked at how beautiful Itlay was and how inspired she felt when encircled by all the marvellous constructions. I was no surprised because I have the same feeling when I’m travelling in Europe. Our brain is wired in order to survive its surroundings. When your eye and esthetic sense are pleased regardless of where you look you will adopt a certain mindset. When you grow up ringed by the same patterns, cement, dirt and gangs, you will clearly be more harsh and cynic.

Surround yourself with beautiful things that inspire you.

Our ambience is not only composed of objects but also other humans. Your friends have a tremendous impact on you due to the fact that they supply the most part of the feedback loop from society. You will probably have the same behaviours and value system as your mates. If they have bad habits like smoking you will probably start smoking, especially if you are a teenager who wants to integrate. If they eat fast food, you will doubtless eat it with them. If they start getting in shape, you will possibly feel like do it too. If they read you will in all likelihood pick up the behaviour too. We are social animals and we learn through mimicking. Monkey sees, monkey does.

Be friends with the kind of people you will like to become.

We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.

Writer with the soul of a poet. I'm trying not to take myself too serious. Deeply grateful that I can share my thoughts & emotions with you.

Writer with the soul of a poet. I'm trying not to take myself too serious. Deeply grateful that I can share my thoughts & emotions with you.