Alexandra Ciausescu

Feb 22, 2018

2 min read

Mercy and the Garden of Eden

I have my little obsessions, Mercy by Jacob Blanks is one of them. Guilty pleasure some would think, but I started to wonder why I just love hearing this song. I do think that we as beings are too complex to ever fully understand ourselves. Additionally to that, I consider that our unconscious should take more consideration from us because as pseudo-rational beings we are foolish when we think we act smart. Our instinctual knowledge is too profound for our human-made-logic and usually, it is dismissed by our disguised incapacity, therefore, our subconscious communicates with us throughout symbols. I think this song is one of the ways my soul talks to me.

Here are some highlights from the melody:

Followed your name, into the wild, yeah, yeah
Sold you my shame, I ran a mile
I sing your lullabies, your melodies like a symphony
We burn the same, inside a fire

If you didn’t think until now: dude, this girl is crazy…stay with me a few more moments, please.

If it isn’t obvious to you, for me is. This song has something religious, ecclesiastic in it. Is an angry reproach to God and oneself. For me, the Supreme Divinity is order in chaos, it is peace, and not necessary happiness but rather lack of pain, it is tranquilness. Unfortunately as every young-adult in his last year of college and due to other situational facts my soul feels restless. Another interpretation can be the fact that I should renounce at my false idolatry and admit that even if on the exterior thing seem to be good, deep inside I am troubled. Thus I have to rediscover the Eden Garden, my divine. I think I should start the journey through the arid wilderness and found God again, to find peace with myself.

Hope I didn’t scare you off.

The moral of this: listen to yourself and the symbols that surround you. The human personality is made of more than one facette and each tries to speak with you in some kind of way. Listen …

Writer with the soul of a poet. I'm trying not to take myself too serious. Deeply grateful that I can share my thoughts & emotions with you.

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