How our past influences the future

Our likes and dislikes hence the fundamental of our choices are based on previous experiences. Our memories are the first and foremost source of information on which we construct the future.

Our past shapes our future because it defines and redefines our perception of the world. Random example: I put my hand in boiling water, it hurts, I won’t do it again. I eat vanilla ice cream, I enjoy it, next time I will choose again vanilla. I dated a guy with blue eyes that broke my heart, I won’t date boys with this kind of eye colours (just kidding they all broke my heart, what I can say, I am a sensible woman ). These experiences are a form of learning, our past is full of them and they are the blocks we construct out previsions on.

Humans have this amazing ability to foresee the future. Before anything happens we can imagine at least 100 possible scenarios and we can choose to perform the one that suits us best. But our vision is influenced by our experiences. If our your past is full of negative experienced you can’t construct a bright future can you ?(this is kind of extreme but you get the point)

Good news you can alter your memories. Actually, you do it all the time because memories are very volatile and every time you remember something you rewrite the whole scene and you can add or extract some details and thus change the whole meaning of it. Don’t interpret this as self-administrated brainwash but as changing one vision of past by addicting a new perspective on it. For example instead of seeing all hour failures as proves that you are not worthy, interpret them as useful, experiences for your future choices or acts.

I hope you all have a bright future ahead.

Writer with the soul of a poet. I'm trying not to take myself too serious. Deeply grateful that I can share my thoughts & emotions with you.