I fall in love rarely, but when I do is for life.

I fell in love with Jung and his ideas because they give me a new and more profound way to see myself and the world.

I can say that one of my favorite books of all time is “The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious”. I must admit that even if I studied it carefully and made tons of notes, I sense that some things still remain unclear and I have to go over it again.

The shadow is that part of one’s personality that incorporates all the undesired aspects of your personality. Those things in your behavior and thought that you are ashamed of or don’t desire others to see or know about you. Additionally, this concept includes all that lies in the unconscious, good or bad, that you are not aware of at all or fully. We often repress this component of our self and it usually resurfaces spontaneous more violent or not, in our dreams, thoughts or even behavior.

The individuation process means becoming a whole by integrating the opposing conscious and unconscious. This course of action is very hard and painful, and to be honest, I think very few humans ever completed it.

an image that can illustrate this point of view is the tree of life: its branches reach the heavens but in order to do so his roots must touch hell

In pursuance of harnessing the power of one’s shadow, firstly, the existence of it shall be acknowledged. It implies admitting that you are capable of terrible and horrifying things that go beyond what is socially and ethically accepted. If you ever did something you are ashamed in the past you have to reconcile with yourself and accept it as a part of you.

We are both light and darkness and that is why human spirit is so beautiful.

After you did that, you must carve this mantra into your mind: The true power means to be able to act but decide not to. When something evil (bad done intentionally, not tragic, tragedy is part of the life and one cannot control it, it just happens ) hits, you know you are not powerless, you have even more darkness into you, you have even more power than that. Now you know you are capable of destruction but will you respond? Remember what I told you earier.

When you activate your shadow you must be prepared. You need a strong system of beliefs and a powerful moral code, consequently you won’t be possessed by it.

If you want to harness your shadow’s power you must live a life of virtue. Otherwise, you will be destroyed by it as the sorcerer’s apprentice.

Writer with the soul of a poet. I'm trying not to take myself too serious. Deeply grateful that I can share my thoughts & emotions with you.