Alexandra Ciausescu

Jul 17, 2018

3 min read

From consciousness to chocolate, a voyage throughout my thoughts

Lately, I had a continuous dreamy state, like when you are there but you feel detached? Some people freak out when they experience this or hear me that I feel like this. The truth is that I enjoy it somehow, is the state when I feel … complete, it’s the state I enter when I really focus on things that interest me, like the nature of God and or what is the purpose of humanity etc. It’s like a continuous meditation with opened eyes.

So? What pushed my buttons lately?

I was thinking about consciousness. However, I have to warn you that this post will not contain a lot of scientific information because I have a tricky memory, but I want to walk you through a part of my thinking process.

Some theories say that God is consciousness, to the extent that everything is manifested consciousness. Your phone, laptop, table are objects, yes, they are not even capable of thought none the less to manifest consciousness (a lot of humans are not fully conscious, I should mention that). But they are consciousness manifested, and there are 2 sources that generate it, the primordial manifestation, which can be called God, that determined the creation of stars and elements and galaxies, physics laws etc, and that after billions of years the wood from which your table is made of. Then, the human manifested consciousness that shaped it, from the woodman to carpenter, that created this product, to you that you are using it, actively taking action upon him and changing it, like making a cut into it or something.

Where do I wanna get with that? Well, I think humans are pixels of the divine but for sure not Gods. You can say about the human body that is formed out of cells but can’t say a cell is a human body. Do you get it? So, as I said, in this scenario, man becomes co-creator, he is consciousness manifested inside consciousness and his role is to transform, take in info and generate output.

Now if I haven’t lost you yet, bare with me just a little.

You can change/shift the reality. Now, I said that you are a co-creator, not a magician. Change your thoughts thus your actions, so your outputs would alter the reality in a certain way. This is an approach from inside-out and I do prefer this one because I see it as being more long-term lasting, let’s say. However, if you can’t do that, which is pretty other, tell an angry man not to be angry anymore, see how that works out. Do it outside-in, create an external structure that would condition you to think or act in a certain way. I find that this procedure has a greater failure percentage than the previous one due to the fact that is hard to give up on old habits (thinking in a certain way can be a habit too). Let’s say you want to eat healthily, one thing you can do is to throw out all the chocolate from your house and have a fridge full of veggies. This way, at least as far as you are home, you will eat healthily.

Nota bene: you know it was a good thinking process when you start questioning life and end up answering with chocolate.

Now, to be honest, the only new thing that I did not mention in previous posts is the phrase “reality shift”, but I do think it adds more substance to what I am trying to express.

I know it was kind of ambiguous. Therefore, if you did not understand something 80% is my fault for not explaining it properly, therefore, ask me if you have any questions.

Warm hugs to you all

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