Fitting the narrative or why everybody was pissed off France won.

I am not a football fan, during the World Cup I was watching a TV series because I was too tired to actually do some brain work and read or write (I was at a party the other night). However, I found it very entertaining to observe how people reacted to those events.

It was such a romantic tale, the one of Croatia. A small team from a “poor country in the Balkans”, even the captain had an emotional story. It is the myth of the underdog, this brave nation that fought the great imperialist, all humans can relate to this, whether they have a fight with their boss or parent. We project our stories in the outer world by recognizing similarities within the patterns. Or, speaking English, Croatia won our hearts because we relate to it. They generated emotions which for human beings count more than facts. They were humans and French were robots.

However, this story from rags to riches didn’t have the appropriate final. Not the hero won but the villain, so basically the Pharo has beaten up Moses or Frodo didn’t make it to the volcano, Harry Potter loses, you get it. Because the narrative in your head did not match the reality, people generated negative responses because somehow they were hurt, you know all those mems.

As a conclusion, we see things/people in a good or bad light based on the narrative in our head, not on the reality.

Warm hugs to you all football fans.

As you can see, I am passionate about stories, you can read more about how they shape who we are (here) or our beliefs (here). Also, if you consider too that human beings are not rational but emotional, definitely you should check put this (here).

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