Alexandra Ciausescu

Nov 21, 2018

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Fear of success

Are you afraid of success?
Probably yes…

I am afraid too… Being afraid is not something to be ashamed of. Fear does not disappear, we just become more courageous. One is afraid of success when he/she can imagine what it might be, has the power to do something about it and yet let things be the way they are.

Let’s be clear: we are not pathological masochists — we want to be happy, but at the same time, we are afraid to take responsibility for our state (either inside or outside). For 99% of the population, transformations happen when we feel discomfort. If you desire you can be part of the 1% However you have to decide in which direction to go and have the courage to say this out loud. It is not enough to imagine — you also have to act. However, that’s what kills us: practice.

We’re not afraid of success, we’re afraid of failure. We prefer to stay here … in our comfort zone where things are nice, simple and predictble… nothing too exciting noting too demanding. But failure is not the end, it’s just a new beginning, and from each experience, you have something to learn. Can you fall 9 times and get up for the10th time?

If you want to, you can. If you don’t feel like it, no problem as long as you are okay with that. The reason why some people are successful and others not, it’s NOT luck. But most of the time it may be that the ones that have success were willing to have bruises. Nothing truly meaningful comes easy.

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We are afraid of success because, in fact, this means that we take responsibility for our own potential and we face all the difficulties that are implied. I will write that book but … I will start that firm but … I will go to the hall but … But I’m so good at finding excuses. You are extremely talented at this, but what really stops you? You don’t have enough money? You don’t have enough time? How much money are “enough money”? How much time do you need?

When we do not actually bring into reality the things that we desire, we move our lives in our heads. Hypnotized by dreams, we became addicts. A hallucination that we consider sufficient, even though we know it is not. It is possible that the absolutely ingenious idea that you thought about would not be so fabulous in reality, and then you feed yourself with untruth. You can’t know until you try.

Everything is created twice: first in the mind and then in reality.

Failure is not evil, it’s an opportunity to learn and grow.
So, what does success mean to you?

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