Emotions: natural algorithms

Humans are rational beings.

Haha… what a funny joke.
You didn’t really think that, did you?

If our behaviour was so rational, why did we fight wars; why did we invent mass destruction weapons; why do you decide to end a marriage just because your husband did what biology asked him to do, spread his genes; why did you buy that blouse, even if you had 3 that looked exactly the same; why do you like the music you like?

Humans are not rational beings, more than 80% of your daily actions are based on your emotions, desires and sensations.

Passionate beings this apes? No?

Modern doctrine tells us that emotions are bad and dangerous and as a consequence, one must become a rational entity. Where that leads us?In today’s world, more people commit suicide than those who are killed in wars. Modern man is going through an existential crisis because he no longer follows his heart, the brain is in charge now.

Instincts are not bad they have been around for more time than your intellect and, as far as I am concerned they did a great job by keeping you alive so far. Unfortunately, we became deaf when it comes to this inner voice. We put a scarf around our heads so we can see only what we can understand, control and manipulate (which is not the reality itself) and we put plugs into our years so no one could tell us we are wrong

Cultivate your soul awareness, calm your mind and your sight will be cleared.

Feelings and emotions are fundamental and they should not be ignored, even if you disagree with the message you receive from them, ask yourself why is this the case.

As a closure, try to answer this simple questions:
When was the last time you spent time with yourself?
When was the last time you questioned why you do what you do?
What makes you feel happy?
What makes you feel sad?
Are you relaxed now?
How are you feeling about who you are?

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