Efficiently happy

Alexandra Ciausescu
4 min readMar 9, 2019


Our world is spinning faster and faster. We have to run to catch up with life. Efficiency is the urban inhabitant’s mantra. To do everything faster, better… As far as I am concerned, it sounds crazy and I can guarantee from my own experience, this lifestyle will drive you crazy.

What does success mean for you? Many would say: I want my bank account to have at least 10 digits, to have a Mustang (it sounds so fancy), a big house (preferably on the beach), travel to exotic places, have a diploma in I don’t know which field of expertise, open my own business…. feel free to add any other desire that pops up into your mind.

To sum up a little, it’s all about happiness. I will be happy when I will have this … I will be relaxed after I do that… Sounds familiar? If our goal is to be happy, we are not doing very good having in mind that we always pass “ the true happiness” somewhere far away in the future. We never have enough time to enjoy what is currently happening because we are on a sprint. We feel like we always have to search for something better than what we have now. It’s like an addiction.

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It is a matter of perspective, we see happiness as an objective. In this case, it is like trying to fill a wall with confetti. It will never be enough We will never have enough money, enough clothes, enough followers … Why? Because every time we become happier, we get used to that level, it becomes normal and once again we want more. It’s like cocaine-never enough.

Happiness as a measure for success is a trap. However, we don’t have t give up. Happiness is not about the result but the process. We are all going to die, we should at least enjoy the ride. I am not talking about wild parties, exotic places, striptease clubs or weekends in Vegas- we don’t have enough money for that. I am speaking of the way you do things, the way you feel while living your life. Most of the day you should be calm, peaceful, curious, or enthusiastic. Unfortunately, I bet most of the time you feel anxious, burned, agitated…

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We associate the term „work” with negative words such as tiredness, annoyance or stress. The place we spend most of our awake time, by choice, is draining our energy and is polluting us emotionally. But why we pick up this job, to begin with? So we could spend the money relaxing or having fun. But you don’t feel like doing anything after 12 hours of work and you would rather spend your weekends sleeping.

We are what we do repeatedly


Most of us are not aware of the present moment. Our mind is somewhere else. Thus, we end living our lives out of habit not out of purpose. In order to be happy we have to be here and now. Given the fact that almost everything that is around can kill us from meteorites to bees and sugar, every moment is a gift. We place our happiness in the future so we can have a reason to be miserable now. One day… That day will never come. Our lives are not composed of those „one day” but of nows. It is very plausible to think that you will never afford that house or car but you can always be present and enjoy a conversation with a dear friend, relax while laying in bed and feel peaceful by taking a deep breath.



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