Analog man in a digital world

Alexandra Ciausescu
2 min readNov 15, 2021

The modern man cannot survive the digital world. We can see that in the higher number of people that struggle with mental health issues, anxiety, depression, loneliness.

Man is an analogous creature, he feeds with life through his senses and in the digital sterile environment, he has no other fate than to let his soul starve.

Man needs to feel the paper when he reads, to let his fingers be stained by ink when he writes, his nose filled up with hot tomato soup during cold autumn days and his skin be brushed by a soft sweater early in the morning.

Man is robbed of his experiences when he has to shop online, order food via an app, spend time with his friends on social media, or read his stories and play his games via a screen.

Man lets his life be taken away willfully, he becomes a highly performant machine and transforms himself into a number

Man allows his life to be devoured by the chimaera of perfection, because that is what digital is, fast, lean souple, when life is complicated, rough, slow…

Digital is safe, life is unknown

Man can no longer survive the life in himself, he forgot to be patient and kind to himself, he mistakes himself for a tool, a machine

Nowadays, man wants to be always efficient and he is always in a hurry. Towards what? Death?

Man is losing his memory, exhausting his attention, misplacing his touch of reality and builds a safe artificial heaven. Man no longer wants to see himself in the falling leaves of the trees, the song of the birds, the warmth of the sun, the moves of the waves.

As man trades parts of himself to become a cyborg he is no longer human but something else.

There is nothing to be condemned about this man, that man is also me, if you look close enough … you. Why judge him when we both know how scary is to live? Life is not meant to be easy, nor hard, life just is, that’s all, and that is what we forgot, to just be.