That is the title of one of the books I am reading at the moment. Yes, I do read more books at once, sometimes I feel like I am cheating the other ones, but I can’t help myself, I am very curious and sometimes easy to be distracted.
The name of the book has made me wonder. What is really a man? At the end of it all, when you draw the line what is the total made of?

Is it made of all your material possessions? As my family says, you can’t take it into the grave with you, and if there is another life, I don’t think you have wi-fi connection for your iPhone there…

Is it made of all your experiences? I can’t recall what I did yesterday! What will I remember if I do remember anything at all? Scientific proved (and personal expertise), we usually remember the bad situations when we were embraced or ashamed rather than the good times. I won’t bet on my memory and as far as I am concerned, if I’m going to Wonderland when I day I would like a fresh start with no remorse or guilt why I ride my unicorn…

How about my soul? Will my lifelong suffering and ongoing learning (hopefully) assure me a better future social status in my next life or a better place in Heavens, with SPA access? If you believe in evolutionary, biology, or any modern science, you can’t prove if there is such thing as a soul… by the way, when we apes start having souls? What does it mean? What really is this thing?

All that man is… what is it?

Writer with the soul of a poet. I'm trying not to take myself too serious. Deeply grateful that I can share my thoughts & emotions with you.

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