Alexandra Ciausescu

Feb 15, 2019

2 min read

2 sides of the same coin

Orphans and Innocents: 2 archetypes that can seem so different but are in fact the same thing. These 2 patterns are in fact our answers to the same experience: The Fall from Paradise.

Fall from Paradise by Michelangelo

Don’t worry this is not a Christian exclusivist thing, you can Buddhist, Hindu, agnostic or atheist. The Fall From Paradise is a Universal experience we all live when as we grow up we start taking off our pink glasses and see that our parents have flaws and the world we live in is not that perfect. One can live this moment daily when his/her expectation of the world are not met (better have none- if you know how to do that, please tell me).

Innocents are the ones who don’t lose hope, they are the keepers of faith. They are the ones that can see the light in the darkest night. This is good for one’s psychic health… until they believe too much and too hard that someone will take care of them and everything will be fine in the end. In those times the difference between being a positive thinker and a fool is a matter of millimetres.

Orphans, on the other hand, think that we are all doomed and nothing will ever be fine. They tend to be pretty pragmatic and most of the time struggle to rebuild the Paradise on Earth (sometimes not even for them but for others). However, this can be dangerous too because if there is too much pessimism one day, one may not find a reason to get out of bed.

As in all things, the middle way is the right way. It is always good to hope but have some pinch of pragmatism and vice-versa be real but don’t forget to dream for time to time.

Until next time…

Warm hugs to you all,

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